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ECD Weapon X Faceoff Head Review

In this video, we go over THE ECD Weapon X Faceoff Head! We cover the specs, the different flex angles, as well as compare the Weapon X to other heads on the market. Shout out to ECD for making this video happen!


Faceoff Patterns for the ECD Weapon X

In this tutorial, we show our TOP 2 patterns used in the Weapon X!



Warrior Burn FO Head FULL Review

In this video, we cover everything about the all-new Warrior Burn FO Faceoff head. We unbox the head, go over the specs, the pros and cons, how it stacks up to the Nike CEO, show its flex points from various camera angles, how it appeals to the FOSO athlete, the Warrior Wedge and its benefits, how it compares to other heads on the market, what type of player would benefit most from using the Burn FO, and take over 300 reps with the head.